Digi-Key KiCad Symbols for Connectors


I just downloaded the digikey-kicad-symbols to my KiCad V5.0.0 program on my Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS OS. I was looking for 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm connectors, what you call barrel jacks, and have the following comment about the symbols in general. You should be following IEC 60617 symbols, which are contained in IEEE 315A. Clause “2-conductor (jack)” and Clause “3-conductor (jack) with 2 break contacts (normals)…” is what you should be following.

Kind regards, Larry


Hi Larry,
Thanks for pointing this out. Is your concern with conformance to the spec exactly? Can you confirm this is what you are seeing?


Yes, conformance to the spec. Yes, the five connectors you show are what I am seeing in the Digi-Key KiCad connector symbols. The example I always refer to is the traffic sign that is octagonal in shape and that it doesn’t matter if the lettering on the sign says ALTO, HALT, or STOP, we all know what it means. If you happen to come upon a sign in the middle of the night that is rectangular in shape and has STOP on it you would probably wonder what was going on.

The class letter for a connector that is most fixed of a mating pair is J, for most movable of a mating pair is P. (See ANSI/ASME Y14.44 for rules on reference designation assignment.) The class letter(s) you have assigned of “CON” can be changed, of course, but for a neophyte learning this stuff they may wonder.

Regards, Larry



Additilnaly, I found an problem in HDMI Connector
Has no Front Solder Mask
As a result of this Pads are covered with solder resisits.P1050492

Hope for fixing



Thank you for letting us take a look at this issue for you. After a bit of investigation, I believe I have figured out what happened here.

We are looking at the following part number:

CNC Tech Part Number: 2001-1-2-21-00-BK
Digikey Part Number: 1175-1704-1-ND
Data Sheet:

Looking at the datasheet we see the footprint should look like this:

I checked within our KiCad library and found that our footprint associated with that connector is

As you can see this is correct. I checked within the file and doublechecked that it does have the front mask as it should. I also looked into the history of this part has not been changed since its creation in regards to its layout.

What I believe is actually happening is that the wrong footprint is selected. I looked through a couple of the other HDMI connectors and I find this one looks a lot like what you have on your board.

This footprint does have errors as you pointed out. We will be fixing and updating this part. Thank you!

Please take a look and see if this is the case, and as always, if there is anything else we can help with please let us know!


This should be fixed in the latest libraries on github. I think we’re going to try to run a test pcb through a board house to help find any more potential issues like this.


Thanks responding.