Digikey capacitor replacement code

Hi, I’m looking for the Digikey replacement code for an aluminium electrolytic capacitor. The capacitor is Rubycom 250v 220uF (MXR type). I can’t see MXR type capacitors on the Digikey website, wanting to know best replacement code please.

For MXR series in Electrolytic Capacitors we have 5 parts:

DK Part # Mfr Part #
1189-35MXR3300M22X25-ND 35MXR3300M22X25
400MXR56M20X25-ND 400MXR56M20X25
350MXR120M22X30-ND 350MXR120M22X30
50MXR4700M30X30-ND 50MXR4700M30X30
35MXR2200M25X20-ND 35MXR2200M25X20

But no one exactly matches the electrical parameters of the required part. Moreover none of them has “active product status”.

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This series has been Obsolet and repalcement for this part should be 250MXG220MEFCSN20X25 , and as per robycon:


Check capacitor catalog Page number 165: aluminum-catalog (rubycon.co.jp)

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Thankyou very much!

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Just a quick bit of additional info for you, @wazzaniceguy!

If you need something that’s in stock for immediate shipping, and without an order minimum, I did find an alternate option from another Rubycon series.

This should work as a replacement in most cases, though I recommend reviewing the specifications to verify that this will work with you. The critical specs of voltage, capacitance, temperature rating/lifetime, and dimensions are all a match or upgrade to the original, but there are some slight variations in specs like the ripple current.


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