ID this capacitor please

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I was able to find 1189-200TXW220MEFR18X25-ND in our system as a possible match, can you confirm if the length and diameter match your capacitor?

See attached

Hi desmetde,

I managed to find an old datasheet of the obsolete Rubycon USR series, which is what you have there. It’s an 85°C 3000 hour part rated for a ripple current of 1.13A at 120Hz. I found a recommendation on their website suggesting the USG series as the replacement.

I also did a search just based on parameters and dimensions and came up with a Rubycon from the USG series, as well as another slightly shorter part from Nichicon. Both are 220uF 85°C 3000 hour 20mm diameter by 25mm height parts.

If you have extra clearance, either in height and/or in diameter, here are some other caps which meet or exceed the ripple current and lifetime/temperature ratings of your part. Take special note of their dimensions to ensure they would fit in your application.

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David, i truly appreciate you, wow
please choose the one you feel is best, i do have room on the board and the cabinet for a taller Cap, pick the one you feel is best

David, I only need one though, is this ok?

Hello Dan,

Any of the previously suggested substitutes you can just buy one of. They are in stock and ready to ship.

Ok, how do I order? Pay?
I’m ready to order
Thank you

If you are on the page for one that you’re wanting to buy, lets say for example 1189-3886-ND, you can proceed from there by clicking add to cart after putting the desired number of the caps in the quantity section.
And then proceed to check out if that is all you’re buying.

Otherwise if you find that process too bothersome you can call our sales personnel and they will be glad to place an order over the phone for you. The number is 1-800-344-4539.

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Can you help me find a replacement for this stepper motor please? See attachment
(Fits yamaha invertor/generator carburetor)
Thank you
Daniel DeSmet

Hello Daniel,

Unfortunately, I am unable to locate a direct substitute. The closest device is this Adafruit motor:

Note that this Adafruit motor has 11.25-degree-per-step while the motor you specified has 7.5-degree step. This is unlikely to work for a throttle control. Also, the shaft is also too long although this could be quickly solved with a Dremel.

Please let us know if you were able to source a replacement.

Best Wishes,


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Thank you for researching this. I agree with your comment, it is for a particular application.
Do you have any advice for another source?
Thank you

You might have to go to the OEM as the source. Sometimes it does cost a little more money. Though you would get something that works.

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