Replacement for Nover 40V cap

Hi everyone!

First time posting here.

I’m trying to track down a suitable replacement for some supply filter caps for an older piece of BSS audio gear.

The filter caps are: Nover 2200uf / 40v.
The cap height is roughly 35mm (this height can’t be exceeded due to the enlosure)
Body: 16mm.

I know the Nover caps were considered “audio grade” ( low ESR, large ripple current, long life…).

Curious if anyone has any Digikey stocked recommendations for a cap that meets these specs.

Thank you for any help!

Hi SoundNerd,

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Based on your specifications, I would go with the following part:

Note that it’s a 50V, 16mm diameter x 31.5mm height radial leaded capacitor with 7.5mm lead spacing. It’s a low ESR, high ripple current, wide temperature rated (-40°C ~ 105°C), long life (10000 Hrs @ 105°C) aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

This should give good performance and long life.


I was going to add these are also good alternates in the 50V-63V range that meet the size requirements.

Thank you


Excellent! Thank you, David!

Thank you, Ryan!

Hello SoundNerd,

We are missing an important piece of information about your capacitor. Please measure the lead spacing using the procedure described in my video as linked below. I can tell you from experience it’s frustrating to purchase a capacitor that does not physically fit on the circuit board. Also, please let us know if the capacitors have a third leg. I suspect they don’t, but it worth considering.

As for audio, there are some folks who say good things about Nichicon UFW series of capacitors. These gold colored capacitors were designed specifically for audio. Your mileage may vary.

Please let us know if your repair was successful. Pictures are especially welcome.

Best Wishes,