SMD Capacitor ID

Can someone help me Identify this SMD Cap. Thank You!

Hello @mrsky,

This appears to be a Rubycon ZA series cap. 680uF and 16V. Unfortunately this is an obsolete series. Unfortunately I was not able to find an old data sheet to verify size and ESR specifications.

There are a couple notes on some of the boards about replacement for these ZA caps and depending on who you talk to some say they replaced with anything and they worked well and some say they have a massive effect on audio.

Here are some options that I found that appear to be what people are using to replace this with. None of them are listed as audio capacitors and you would need to verify the footprint of the existing cap.


Robert thank you for your Reply. You are correct it is for a sound system. Bose Soundlink Color.
This unit is not a 1 or 2. Many people are having problems with All the versions. Most problem, is that the units die, and cannot be re-charged. I tried ALL the recommendations on their Forum site.I think the issue in my case the Capacitors. I have ordered a ESR meter, to check the ZA series Cap. Maybe the cap is good! I did find 1 cap that had leakage, a 47uf 16v. I will remove it today. I will keep the Forum posted on my findings, so I can share, when I resolve the issue. Thank You for your Response!

It may well be the United Chemi-Con MZA series.


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Thanks David, will look into that,

It looks like the ones we carry are “AIchip-MZA”, of which UCC states on their datasheet that they are an “upgrade”, without further explanation. I think that means an upgrade relative to an older version of the MZA series, but it does not clearly state that.

The series has pretty respectable specs, with a 2000hr lifetime @ 105℃ and 100kHz ripple current of 850mA.

If you feel you want to significantly upgrade performance, you might want to consider an aluminum-polymer type cap, such as one of these.

They have significantly lower ESR and significantly higher ripple current specs, as well as having as good or better lifetime specs. In a given application, they should run cooler, which should also help with lifetime. The trade-off is that these cost 2-4x the price of a standard aluminum electrolytic cap. On the other hand, in a new design, one of these can often replace 2-4 standard electrolytics and can save a lot of board space.

All of the aluminum-poly caps linked above have the same 10.3 x 10.3mm footprint, which I believe is the same as your original part. They all are less than 13mm tall, but only the 493-13737-1-ND has a height of 10mm, which I believe is the height of your current part. If that height is critical, then that is the best choice.

David thanks going to order at least 10 pieces, so I have backups. In case someone
wants me to fix their units also. I am sending you another pic, I believe these are
10uf 16v. What do you think. I got no readings on 2 of them, furthers from usb port.
These caps are part of the charging circuit.

Here is better detail Pic. of Bose Soundlink Color


Please look at part number 493-9786-1-ND . This would be the WJ series. The link is :
Please review the dimensions and see if this is the same.

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