Difference between two SMD capacitors

I’ve been chasing down some faults (crashes, firmware corruption, intermittent no audio output and crackling), replacing the majority of the capacitors related to power delivery has resolved the issues.

Since it appears that several capacitors were indeed failing, I would like to replace all of them but am not sure why specific components were chosen/what the practical difference in these components would be.

The circled capacitor reads; “100 16S. 5QN”. I’m assuming these capacitors were chosen deliberately and appear to be specific to audio outputs. I replaced the majority of the other 100 and 10 uF 16v caps on the jack and main boards since the picture was taken but am unsure of what would be the best choice for the remaining ones.

100 uF 16v specifically rated for audio applications perhaps?

appreciate any insights that can be provided and thank you!

Hi Ian_Y,

The capacitor ratings should be 100uF and 16V. The ‘S’ could be calling out the series. 5QM is more than likely a date-lot code.

Panasonic Electronic Components does offer an S series. Snip below is from their datasheet.

Click here for a link to the parts we offer.

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I think those look like a perfect match, thank you so much!