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Hello everyone,

I apologize if this is in the incorrect area. I didn’t see a category for the digikey developer.

I am trying to setup a production app and I have a few questions regarding the OAuth callback.

In regards to the setup of the OAuth, I am not sure what I should put there for the callback? I feel that as an API, the signing in should be done with Digikey servers since the servers hold all of the account information.

My application is this:

I have an inventory management software that can link up with Digikey to pull pricing information. I just need to get a developer’s credentials for the Digikey API. In regards to the OAuth callback, should this be a URL pointing to the server that I am installing the inventory management system on or should this be pointing to someplace else?

Hello philm001,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’m not familiar with this program. Hopefully one of the engineers that monitor the TechForum will have some knowledge on this, and be able to give some advise.

At this time the Tech Forum is intended for product technical support only; API-related matters are supported by an entirely different business group. The API support page can be found here, with a link to a contact form found under the “support” tab.