Trouble getting started with Digikey API

I’m trying to get started using the Digikey API for a desktop application. Unfortunately so far it seems oauth2 is really geared to web applications so I’m having some trouble. I’m able to go through all the steps down to “Getting the Access Token” here: When I make the final POST request (which I’m trying to do through a Python script using the requests library), I get a 400 response saying “client_id is null or undefined”. I don’t have any clue where to go from there since I can clearly see “client_id” in the body of the request.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @thatguy7,
I had to do a bit of digging, but I was able to find where you can get into contact with our API team. Follow this link Contact Us | Digi-Key Electronics Developer Portal (, fill out the form, and someone from our API team will get in touch with you.