OAuth 2.0 Bearer Token Problem

Hello, first of all, I wish you a good week.
I am developing a test application using DigiKey Api for DigiKey product search and Digikey product prices search.
However, I cannot take bearer tokens. I searched the DigiKey GitHub Repository. I downloaded the file and provided the Client Id and client secret, but I keep getting 401 Auth Error error.
I tried to get a bearer token via Postman OAuth 2.0 but I couldn’t get it again.
I’m following the OAuth Documentation from Digikey but I’m not getting any results.
Can you help me about this problem?
Have a nice day
Kind regards
Kutlu Özdemir

Hello kozdemir141, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
For questions on API, you can send an email to api.contact@digikey.com