DigiKey website says I'm a robot


Welcome to the Technical Forum , The only way things will be changed is for you to send an email to ux@digikey.com and state the problems and concerns you are having with the web site the more people that make this known to them the better chances of something being done to remedy it .

Thanks Caig

Same issues. Spoke with customer service, they forwarded to my multiple requests to IT. I love Digikey, it’s my default, but these issues are slowly forcing me to the competition as designs can’t wait for checking 283904283940 times that I’m not a robot.

Has the IT team reached out to you regarding this error?
If not would you still have the error ID from that screen that comes up?

They have not, here is the last one

Reference ID fb8d2da0-bcb5-11ee-a261-7746646986ed

Sorry for the delay, I am still waiting on the IT team.
In the meantime, it maybe possible that clearing cookies and browsing history and then resetting the browser and/or the computer can assist with the issue.