Digilent Analog Discovery 2 - control via USB to Ethernet inquiry

Hello, I recently purchased a Digilent Analog Discovery 2 USB O-scope and have been controlling it via Python with the device connected over USB. This is working well. However for my application USB connections are problematic. Serial or Ethernet is much preferred. So I reached out to Digilent (via their forum) regarding the topic of remote control for the Analog Discovery 2 over either serial or Ethernet. A link to that post is below.

Based on the response in the forum it appears as though a USB to serial adapter will not work. Apparently the the USB connection to the device contains a JTAG and parallel port interface. The post from Digilent did mention the option of using an SBC and REST API so I am exploring that possibility and the github link they included. This could be a good solution but I would rather try and explore other possibilities before going down this path if possible.

So I am also exploring the idea of using a USB to ethernet hub to allow me to control the Analog Discovery 2 remotely. Yesterday I purchased DigiKey PN: TL2024-ND (Tripp Lite USB extender) product and will try to use this with my Digilent Analog Discovery 2. Hopefully the device will still be recognized by the computer with the USB extender being used.

So I am curious if anyone has successfully used the Digilent Analog Discovery 2 remotely via a USB to Ethernet hub or extender device?

Thank you