Anywhere USB 24 Plus - not being discovered on ETH1

Hi there,

I have AnyWhere USB 24 Plus device and a laptop with AnyWhereUSB Manager installed.

When trying to connect to AnyWhere USB 24 Plus on Port ETH1 with laptop and it is not getting discovered at all. But, when I swap it to ETH2 - it is being discovered straight away.

How do I go about fixing this so that it gets discovered on ETH1?

Await your response to the above.


Hi @vishal_027 , welcome to the TechForum. How do you have this device connected in your network? Is it connected directly to your laptop? (via Ethernet jack)

Both ports should have dhcp enabled, can you login into it thru Digi’s software tool and take a screen shot of the ethernet configuration?

PS: Digi’s forum is here: Digi Forum