Firewall Rules - Port Range for Digi One Discovery

This is in regards to the Digi One SP part.

In order to discover the Digi One SP devices that are connected to a Windows computer, we have to disable to the Windows Firewall in order to the Setup64.exe Discovery/Setup tool to be able to detect any Digi One devices that are connected to the computer.

Rather than having to temporary disable the Firewall, it would be nice to be able to simply create an inbound firewall rule that allows for this discovery to take place without needing to disable the firewall.

I am hoping that someone can identify / tell me what PORTS need to be open in order for this digi software to work (discover and then configure/assign COM ports etc.)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Travis.

This is the information that Digi provided regarding your request:

the advanced Digi device discovery protocol (ADDP) (to find devices in the local network), requires UDP 2362:

For the RealPort protocol by default port TCP 771 is used (unencrypted RealPort) if the customer is using this, see user guide:

There are more network services enabled on the Digi One SP like HTTP/HTTPS for web configuration,
Telnet/SSH for command line interface (CLI) and others, see:

However not all of them might be required for the customers application.
If they don’t use certain network services they should disable them in the web interface under “Network Services” or “Security”.
and then they also don’t need the respective holes in the firewall.


Thank you very much for the reply. We will digest this information and do some testing next week.