Digital AC Volt Amp meter

Hello All,
I am looking for Digital AC Volt Amp meter which works for 115V AC and 400Hz frequency.
Please let me know if available.
It would be better if both Volt and Ammeter integrated one.

Hello, welcome to the Forum community. I found one option that meets your 115Vac, as well as the 400Hz frequency. Take a look at LDI35AV2C1XXXX-ND which is a current/voltage meter. This is not in stock at the moment but can be ordered.

Hello @Jenny_1307 ,
Thanks for the reply. Actually, I want to measure AC Voltage of 115V , 400Hz frequency through the AC Volt/Amp meter. It can be powered by DC/AC Voltage. Can you please provide any part suggestions.

Most of AC Volt/Amp meter can measure any AC voltage but they support frequency range of 40Hz to 60Hz. My AC Voltage frequency is 400Hz.

Thank you,

Hell - the measuring range on that meter is 0 ~ 5A, 0 ~ 500VAC/DC, 40 ~ 400Hz. We do not have another option to offer.


This post has has been updated. Spoke with @David_1528, and he mentioned the input range on LDI35AV2C1XXXX-ND looks to be configurable to be either 200VAC or 500VAC, depending on how you connect to it. It will display 0V to 199V or 0V to 500V, depending on how it is configured. If configured for current measurement, it will measure from 0 to 1.999A or 0 to 5A, depending on how it’s configured.

-The user manual found on Carlo Gavazzi’s website helps, but it could still be a little more clear:

This is a snippet of current/voltage input listed on the datasheet:

Another similar option RLC243-ND, please review datasheet specifications before ordering. This one can do the job, too (can handle the 400Hz AC signal), but like the LDI35AV2, you have to set jumpers on the back for voltage or current mode, so you have to pick what it will display.

Otherwise, we would have a handheld or benchtop style most likely if you would prefer that style.