120 VAC Digital Voltage Meter IC

This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a voltage meter IC that I can use to measure a 120VAC 60 Hz voltage signal. I’d like to be able to sample the voltage signal at >1200 samples per second via a microprocessor over I2C. Does such an integrated device exist?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not seeing anything. Though the benefit of putting the question on the Forum is there are more eyes that see the posts. Everything I looked up was not what you requested. I just do not find anything. Hopefully someone else will come on and maybe be able to help.

It would seem that an analog-digital converter of the garden variety sort could meet this description. There are also purpose-specific energy metering ICs available if one desires to get more sophisticated about the matter.

Was interested so looked around and I couldn’t find anything even close to a single chip solution for providing digital data of any kind at >1200 sps of 120VAC @ 60Hz.