DIN Rail Mounts for HWS-A Series Power Supplies from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc

We have several options for DIN rail mounts for the HWS-A Series power supplies from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. located here: Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board) | Accessories | DigiKey

Which one you will need depends on which power supply you have.

As seen below the HWS15A and HWS30A need the DIN01-A mount, the HWS50A uses the DIN02-A mount, and the HWS80A, HWS100A, and the HWS150A use the DIN03 mount.

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Numbers
285-2258-ND HWS100A24/RA-ND 285-HWS100A12/RA-ND
285-2257-ND 285-HWS100A48-ND HWS50A3/RA-ND
285-2246-ND HWS50A5/RA-ND 285-HWS50A3-ND
285-2255-ND 285-HWS50A48/RA-ND HWS30A3-ND
285-2274-ND HWS100A12/R-ND 285-HWS150A3/RA-ND
285-2262-ND 285-HWS50A5/R-ND 285-HWS100A48/RA-ND
285-2260-ND 285-HWS50A3/R-ND HWS50A12/RA-ND
285-2259-ND 285-HWS100A48/R-ND HWS50A15/RA-ND
285-2252-ND 285-HWS50A48/R-ND HWS30A12-ND
285-2256-ND 285-HWS150A48/RA-ND HWS50A48-ND
285-2247-ND HWS50A24/RA-ND HWS100A15/RA-ND
285-2264-ND HWS30A5-ND HWS150A15/RA-ND
285-2251-ND 285-HWS100A15-ND 285-HWS150A5/R-ND
285-2250-ND 285-HWS150A48/R-ND HWS30A15-ND
285-2267-ND HWS100A3/RA-ND HWS30A48-ND
285-2245-ND HWS150A12/RA-ND HWS150A48-ND
285-2270-ND 285-HWS100A5-ND HWS15A48-ND
285-2268-ND 285-HWS100A3/R-ND HWS15A5-ND
285-2273-ND HWS100A5/RA-ND HWS15A3-ND
285-2254-ND HWS150A24/RA-ND HWS15A24-ND
285-2249-ND 285-HWS150A3/R-ND HWS15A15-ND
285-2261-ND 285-HWS150A12/R-ND HWS150A12-ND
285-2263-ND 285-HWS100A12-ND 285-2266-ND
285-2271-ND HWS150A5/RA-ND HWS150A15-ND
285-2272-ND 285-HWS100A15/R-ND HWS150A5-ND
285-2269-ND 285-HWS150A15/R-ND HWS150A24-ND
285-2265-ND 285-HWS100A5/R-ND HWS150A3-ND
285-2253-ND 285-HWS100A24/R-ND HWS15A12-ND
285-2248-ND 285-HWS100A3-ND HWS30A24-ND
Manufacturer Part Numbers
HWS50A-15/A HWS100A24/RA HWS100A12/RA
HWS50A-12/A HWS100A48 HWS50A3/RA
HWS15A-15/A HWS50A5/RA HWS50A3
HWS30A-48/A HWS50A48/RA HWS30A3
HWS150A-5/A HWS100A12/R HWS150A3/RA
HWS50A-5/A HWS50A5/R HWS100A48/RA
HWS50A-3/A HWS50A3/R HWS50A12/RA
HWS50A-24/A HWS100A48/R HWS50A15/RA
HWS30A-15/A HWS50A48/R HWS30A12
HWS30A-5/A HWS150A48/RA HWS50A48
HWS15A-24/A HWS50A24/RA HWS100A15/RA
HWS100A-15/A HWS30A5 HWS150A15/RA
HWS30A-12/A HWS100A15 HWS150A5/R
HWS15A-5/A HWS150A48/R HWS30A15
HWS100A-48/A HWS100A3/RA HWS30A48
HWS15A-12/A HWS150A12/RA HWS150A48
HWS150A-15/A HWS100A5 HWS15A48
HWS100A-5/A HWS100A3/R HWS15A5
HWS150A-48/A HWS100A5/RA HWS15A3
HWS30A-3/A HWS150A24/RA HWS15A24
HWS15A-48/A HWS150A3/R HWS15A15
HWS50A-48/A HWS150A12/R HWS150A12
HWS100A-12/A HWS100A12 HWS100A-3/A
HWS150A24/A HWS150A5/RA HWS150A15
HWS150A-3/A HWS100A15/R HWS150A5
HWS150A-12/A HWS150A15/R HWS150A24
HWS100A-24/A HWS100A5/R HWS150A3
HWS30A-24/A HWS100A24/R HWS15A12
HWS15A-3/A HWS100A3 HWS30A24