Diode ID

Need help identifying this diode. Its from a 2007 Chevy Silverado Fuse box.

I need to buy a replacement.

Thank you for any help…


Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum. I searched the markings and wasn’t able to find any information on this part. Any chance you know the specifications of the part itself, maybe a schematic with a part description ?

This diode is:
Surface Mount Transient Voltage Suppressors
PPm Peak Forward Surge Current - 7.5A
PPPM Peak Pulse Power Dissipation - 400W
VBR Breakdown Voltage - 33.3V~40.7V
VRWM Reverse Standoff Voltage - 30V

Hello @jondamnit

I did find DigiKey part TPSMF4L7.0A which is listed as automotive rated and looking at the datasheet it shows KMA as the part marking.
No guarantees but might be worth a look.

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This information from :茂业电子---SMAJ30C-4/5A的库存详细介绍

Hello Adam7

We do have available a list of alternatives that cross over to part number SMAJ30C-4/5A

See link here