Diode identification, Inverter board

Part # is 02 03. One set is Horizontal and the other is Vertical, depending on how you read it. :slight_smile:
The picture shows only one digit from each number 2 0 (the middle two digits). It doesn’t show the first 0 or the ending 3 digit. What you can see is 2 0, see how they are not in the same direction…
This diode is in an HVAC inverter board. Any help would be great! :grin:

ps the diode line is like a bunch of less-than symbols, maybe that identifies the manufacture??

Additional information on the diode:
Daikin inverter board 2P179362 3PCB1560. Diode is D5 on this PCB.

Thanks for any help you can provide. :slight_smile:

Since the markings are not helping at this point. I would look for the highest voltage and current in that style. for example this Digi-Key part number SARS01-ND web link https://www.digikey.co.nz/product-detail/en/sanken/SARS01/SARS01-ND/4289306. If there is any way to locate the voltage this diode is using, It will make locating a replacement much easier.

Thank you John!
It’s funny … I have other diodes (high voltage ones), with the same less-than symbol on the cathode (in stock). Can’t identify those ones either, lol!