Diodes Incorporated - MTTF and FIT Reliability Data


I need help finding the reliability data for two products from the manufacturer Diodes Incorporated. I have search through their website and contacted them via mail without any success. The parts I’m looking for is 74LVC2G08HD4-7 and AZ1117IH-3.3TRG1. More specifically I need a MTBF or FIT value for the two parts.

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Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I sent a request to our product specialist for the information and will post when I receive it.


Thank you for the help. If it is possible, can I add one more product to this support ticket? It is the Diodes Incorporated product with manufacturer number 74LVC1G32W5-7.

/ Valle

Hi Valle,
I sent the information request for part 74LVC1G32W5-7 and will post as soon as I receive it.