Disc magnet for AEAT-9955 Sensor

Hi, I’m looking for a suitable disc magnet for a AEAT-9955 sensor used with a diametric disc magnet in a shaft end configuration.

The AEAT-9955 data sheet on page 7 recommends a 6 mm x 2.5 mm magnet of recommended magnet material and temperature drift: NdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron), grade N35SH.

The Radial Magnets 9049 should meet that requirement but the On-axis magnetic field magnitude of that magnet following the placement on page 8, exceeds the maximum input field magnitude of 100 mT as calculated by the Radial Magnets Magnet Calculator.

Is the AEAT-9955 datasheet incorrect or should the mounting distance be increased to lower the input field?


Hello dgamroth,

As far as our offerings go, you would want one of these: Multi Purpose Magnets | Magnets | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey; with an operating gauss of about 1000G. 469-1075-ND should be able to provide this at a mount distance away from your sensor of about a tenth of an inch give or take.

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