Magnetic Tape for AS5311 Linear Encoder

Some time ago I purchased some chips
from Digi-Key, the AS5311.
It is a high-resolution magnetic linear
encoder. I like the part very much.
Unfortunately what I am unable to locate
is the appropriate magnetized tape for it.
The part requires a 1 mm pole width,
in other words North-to-North spacing of
2 mm.
I cannot locate a source of the tape to use.
I would like several feet of it.

I have attempted to contact Bogen (a German company) to try
to purchase a few feet of the appropriate tape (~10 mm or 1/2" wide)
however have run into a total dead-end.

I’m attempting to work with students at a local high school on a
robotics project, not needing to buy it by huge rolls – however it seems
impossible to find.

Can anyone please help me?

Hello Chuck,
Thank you for reaching out to Digi-Key Electronics with this request. It looks like our selection of magnetic tape is unfortunately rather small at the moment. We have two options. one with the north pole at the top and the other with the south pole at the top.

The catch on this is that we only sell them in 50m rolls which makes this a bit of an investment. I wish I could offer a better solution but it looks like this is all we have to offer at the moment.

Sorry for the bad news. If you have any other questions, I have linked this inquiry to reference number T4178078.

Thanks for responding, but this is strictly a unipolar magnet, with adhesive
on one side or the other.

What the AS5311 needs is a tape with alternating poles

--------------------------------------------------------- ----v—
.|.N.|.S.|.N.|.S.|.N.|.S.|.N.|.S.|.N.|.S.|. ~10 mm tape width
--------------------------------------------------------- ----^—
–>| 2mm |<–

Where the spacing North-to-North is 2 mm in a periodic fashion, and
the tape is roughly 1/2" wide and roughly 1/16" thick, and the poles go
across the tape in alternating stripes.

Hi Chuck,

Don’t think we have the answer you are looking for. The one strip we carry, the 1528-4680-ND, has pole spacing of 5mm.

Otherwise, here is a listing of companies that AMS recommends as sources for magnetic products.