DKRed Compatible with Kicad Gerber File Formats

The listed Accepted File Formats for DKRed do not currently list the Kicad .gbr or Protel filename extensions as accepted file formats.

Please note DKRed is compatible with the standard, default Kicad .gbr filename extensions, the algorithm detects the keywords of the layer filename and assigns them to the correct layer. Kicad works with DKRed!

It is also mostly compatible with the ‘Use Protel filename extensions’ in the case when I tested it out it assigned most of the layers to the correct layer type except the board outline ‘edge cuts’ layer was assigned to Board Mechanical.

The quick easy fix for this is just manually changing this layer to assign it to Outline File.


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When will you support .gbr files? Seems this is limiting your customer base. I use Diptrace and it exports .gbr files is there a method to modify them so i can use your board services?

Hi Fluxanode,

Welcome to the community.

.GBR file formats are supported from what I’ve experienced. Try uploading them, depending upon what your file names are you might have to change the association of the files to which layer you want them assigned to. Its a really quick drop down menu.

OK I’ll see what I can do…

Do you only make two sided boards?

Hi @Fluxanode, at this time we only offer 2 layer.