Technical FAQs for PCB Builder

Here are some common technical questions we get asked regarding PCB Builder and DKRed.

What is required for a successful file upload?

Your zip file must include at minimum 2 copper layers, a drill file, 2 soldermask files and an outline file.

DKRed orders that have Drill files without holes will result in a rejected order.

What Gerber File formats are accepted in PCB Builder?

PCB Builder currently accepts the following formats:

  • Silkscreen - .gbo, .gto, .sst, .ssb, .legend, .silk
  • Paste - .gtp, .gbp, .gpt, .gpb, .paste
  • Soldermask - .gts, .bgs, .smt, .sm_, .smb, .mask, .solder
  • Pad - .gpb, .gpt
  • Drill - .drl, .drd, .xln, .drill
  • Drill Drawing - .gd, .dd
  • Mechanical - .gm
  • Outline - .gko, .outline, .profile
  • Copper - .pho, .copper, .physical_layer, .Layer

How do I assign layers?

Once your Gerber Files have been uploaded, you will be able to assign each file to a board layer, drill file, etc. via multiple drop-down menus.

Will there be a DFM check?

Yes, these PCB Builder suppliers/programs perform a DFM check on submitted orders:

Board House Name Do they offer DFM Checks with Submitted Orders?
DKRed Yes
Royal Circuits Yes
Precision Circuit Board Source LLC Yes
Advanced Circuits Yes
Seeed Fusion Yes

What is the maximum zip file upload size?

The size limit of your zip file needs to be less than 10 MB.

Are Stencils available to order?

Stencils are not available at this time.