DKred PCB builder and 2/4 layers

I am using the DKred PCB builder, when I upload a 2 layer gerber zip file, the PCB builder ALWAYS quotes the board for a 4 layer PCB. I have done this before and not had problem. I have tried several different gerber files and PCB builder always only allows 4 layers

Hello @SECAmerica,

I have the technician working on your inquiry giving you my work email. We can get your files in for a ticket see what is happening. Our builder is not perfect, but we use these cases to improve as we go.

Thank you!

Maybe you are already getting an answer from Erik, but should this be of any help…

Are you adding your Gerber files into DKRed or PCB builder? vs

If the tool is not recognizing the layers correctly, you can re-assign them like so…
Recording 2023-09-14 at 14.24.09

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