4 layer board seen as a 6 layer

I am trying to upload a 4 layer board. The layer count on the panel shows 6 layer. There are only
the GBL, GTL, G1 and G2 layers.

I see a couple other threads about it but no listed solutions. Any news on this? Would like to get the thing ordered.


Hello @jstevens,

We do not have a solution yet, but I will direct message you, we need as many example files as possible. Apologies for the issue.

Thanks for the reply.

Here is the file if it helps.

J. Stevens

GPS_Test_Board_A_panel.zip (302 KB)

Thanks @jstevens keep in mind this is a public forum and anyone can grab these files.

That’s fine. Nothing proprietary in them.


You can also cross check with some other gerber file viewers like this.

I have a Gerber viewer. There are only the 4 copper layers in the file.

Has then been fixed?