Gerber Upload has wrong layers

Whenever I upload my Gerber files it says it is a 6 layer board when it should only be a 2 layer board. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am using Altium with a top and bottom layer only.

Hello @jordan.bartlett
We have identified this issue and have a ticket in to fix this. I will direct message you for your files to use as examples for our development team.

I have the same problem. My project has 4 layers but DKRed thinks it has 6. Is there a work-around?


The only work around we have is purchasing a 6 layer service with one of the suppliers who support like Precision Circuits. We are still working out why our builder is pushing a 4 layer to 6 layers.

I have the same problem with a 4 layer PCB being promoted to 6 layers. This is really odd because I ran a 4 layer PCB about a month ago without this problem. Further, I ran a test upload of that same file today and it came out correctly as a 4-layer PCB, yet my latest design with has only top, bottom, mid 1, mid 2 layers along with solder masks and overlays for top and bottom layers. Further, the import tool doesn’t recognize the .GM file as the board outline and complains about a missing outline file. I see this has been a problem for a long time and I’m wondering why it is still not resolved?

Hello, sorry that the issue has not been resolved, yet. It is currently being worked on, but I do not have an update on when it will be completed or what is having to be done for the fix.

Do you need additional example files to assist in resolving this? I have two that I can share: one that works and one that does not.


You might be interested to know that when I delete the .GM file (board outline) and leave Mech 1 as the board outline (even though it includes dimensions outside the board outline), it correctly gets the layer count at 4 layers instead of 6 and the board outline is correct as well. However, if I delete Mech 1 and leave .GM as the board outline, the importer complains about not having an outline file and it still gets the layer count wrong (6 vs. 4). I can identify the .GM file as the board outline to the importer and it still gets the layer count wrong.


Bob Becker


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Thank you for the info, Bob. I am sorry that the issue is happening and I will report it.
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