4 layer detected by digikey red on a 2 layer board


This has probably been asked before, but I am not familiar with the forum search format.

After uploading the gerber files I noticed a few things.

  1. the board is panelized the preview and measurement only shows a single unit. Is that just the preview?
  2. the board is a 2 layer board, but the PCB builder is saying 4 layer board.

Is there a way to verify what exactly I will be getting if I order my PCB from digikey red?


You can cross-check with another gerber file viewer.

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It would probably be of use to give which CAD system you use. There was a thread about a two layer board being interpreted as 4 layer and the admin had PM’ed the OP to share his files to be used in debug. I’m not sure how/if this was resolved.

I have never used panels or arrays with DKRed. I just use singles as Vscoring is not supported.

I work in Eagle7 and my only issue has been with the graphical representation of the excellon drill file. Number of decimal places not scaled properly. Looks wonky on screen but boards were perfect.

Hope that helps

thanks guys

Additional info. I am using Altium 23.5.1. This board I ordered from another vendor with no issues raised and i received and assembled them with no problem. I wanted to order a new batch and wanted to see if digikey red would either be cheaper or faster.


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As an independent Gerber review, I use GERBV. It also does not auto-scale my Eagle generated excellon drill file so I have to manually set number of places.