Not able to import 4 layer board into DKRed PCB Builder


I am trying to import a 4 layer board, however during import the internal layers are grayed out. In the dropdown menu I have selected them as copper. However they do not become visible in the preview or if I click update the do not show.
I tried the to select them as Inner Layer, but that didn’t work either.
At the main interface where you have Measurements, Size, layer, etc… I select 4 layers but after uploading it defaults back to 2 layers and I select 4 layers again. But the only change in see is in price, there is no change or update in the preview.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @Arcos

I will be submitting a ticket our developers should be able to make those layers appear.

Thank you very much, i am adding a screenshot of the PCB builder to show what i mean.

Again thank you for your time.

Thank you @Arcos for bringing this to our attention and hopefully we can find a solution! The information you provided I will bring to our development team.

Thank you for all the help provided.