PCB CAD Programs suitable for DKRed

I’m looking for a very simple PCB CAD program, similar to the ExpressPCB software, that does not need a schematic and net list to use easily, and will output Gerber files to suitable for DKRed. So, this CAD program has to:

  1. Be very simple to use and not need a schematic and net list to function easily
  2. Output Gerber files that are compatible with DKRed
  3. Run on mac OS 10.13.4
  4. Be low cost or free

Any suggestions? I don’t want to change my OS because I use other programs that won’t run on later versions. I am only making small simple PCBs where the schematic capture and net list functions are more trouble then they’re worth.


Doug (Linear)

Take a look at this as KiCAD is a good option

Click here

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This too maybe helpful FAQ Click Here

Thanks, Robert, for the advice.