How can I create a PCB?

I want to take a schematic that has been written on paper and create an electronic schematic and then create a 2 layer PCB. Can Digikey help with this and if so, where is a tutorial to help me get started?

DigiKey sponsors several creators on YouTube and one provides a nice series to guide you through the process using free KiCad software. I found it very helpful.see:I had a problem getting the link to work from here but if you can cut and paste
[(14) An Intro to KiCad – Part 1: How PCBs Are Made | DigiKey - YouTube]

(Kicad Tutorial)



As for the creation of a PCB.
Once you have created the digital version of the design you can use our DKred service.
DKRed | DigiKey
If you have further questions for that you can ask in the below area.
DKRed: An extension of Digi-Key’s PCB Builder - Design Tools and Resources / DKRed and PCB Builder - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key (

Hello Thomas,
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We do have some other tools as well such as the Scheme It resource:
look through following links.
Scheme-it | Create or Find Schematics and Diagrams | DigiKey For design.

And PCB Builder for building in accordance with DK Red service as Nathan pointed out.
PCB Builder For uploading the schematic and building the PCB.

Hope that helps.

Should you be interested, I am partially retired after a stroke but might be able to get your paper design to an Eagle 7 schematic. I’ve done several boards through Digikey.

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This Altium tutorial for beginners may help you. To design a PCB, you have to make the schematic first. Then you can create a PCB layout from a schematic using Altium.