DKRed international shipping

I recently worked with a board house (not through DigiKey) that built and shipped my board promptly, but it got stuck in shipping after arriving in the USA because of a lack of customs paperwork. I don’t know whether paperwork wasn’t supplied or FedEx lost it.

I’m wondering whether DKRed shipping has an advantage in this area. Will my boards be

  1. Shipped direct to me (in the USA) from another country.
  2. Shipped to a facility you control in the USA and then sent on to me with no possibility of customs issues.
  3. Something else.


Hi, Welcome to Tech Forum. The DKRED boards are made in the USA. Shipping is free, and no customs when shipped to a US address.

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Thanks! My next order will be with DKRED.

Hi @VeloSteve - just wanted to chime in and say that DKRed PCBs are produced in the USA (California specifically) and will be shipped directly to you from the Board House. As Glenda said, the shipping is free on the DKRed PCBs. Thanks again for your questions and post!

how long does it usually take to get a small board?

DKRed boards will be shipped within 10 business days from ordering.

See the link to Lindsay’s post below.

Ok thanks for the quick reply