Does digikey sell a heat sink that can match the SSR I purchased?

Can someone help me find a suitable heat sink to match the SSR I purchased?

I purchased this solid state relay to replace the one in my espresso machine which failed.

I think the original SSR failed because of excess heat and therefore an insufficient heat sink. So I want to improve things by relocating the SSR (currently it is too near the boiler) and replacing the (lame) heat sink that the manufacturer (Profitec Pro 500 espresso machine) provided.

Can someone help me find a suitable (properly sized) heat sink to purchase that would match the dimensions of the SSR I’m using?

I plan to mount the heat sink on the bottom of the espresso machine (inside of course) where there is space. I’m thinking to use something like this:

But the example from Amazon above is too large. I need dimensions that match my SSR which is approx 29 mm x 39 mm.

The datasheet with detailed dimensions for my digikey-purchased SSR at the URL above. I have screen-capped it and include below.


Hello Matt,

That’s a fancy machine!

I think I see you concern, as show at time index 6:50 in the related video attached below. The SSRs are mounted on a bracket next to the steam boiler. You are concerned that the failure is caused by overheating.

That’s possible.

It would be hard to say for sure without performing some thermal measurements. My intuition suggests the design is sound. The mounting bracket is large. It also appears to be directly bolted to the chassis to aid in heat rejection.

As for heatsinks, Digikey has a few that may be suitable including this down-selected assortment:

As an alternative, you may want to add another piece of sheet metal above the SSRs. Bend and form the metal so that it makes good contact over the existing bracket. Then, extend for 4 to 5 inches upwards. Bend in the opposite direction, away from the boiler. The downside is that the assembly is prone to mechanical vibration.

Let me end this note with a caution. Modifying line powered devices is not recommend as it invites a host of unexpected problems ranging from hardware to legal issues. You could hurt yourself or someone who uses the device. See also, DigiKey’s terms and conditions.

Best Wishes,


P.S. One final thought, did the OEM use heat sink compound?


APDahlen, thanks for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate you.

Indeed I agree that in the model 700, the manufacturer has done a good job providing heat distribution as per blogs I’ve read. But I have the model 500. In this model, other owners have reported having the failed SSR issue. You see the location and heat sink are not as “wise” at time 08:00 of this video.

I really like your suggestion to add another piece of sheet metal above the (single) SSR.

Both the OEM version and my first replacement SSR had heat transfer compound applied.

I’m exploring the heat sinks you directed me to via the link.

Thank-you for your help.

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Thank you, Matt.

I assumed the 500 would be related to the 700 - not the same…

Best Wishes,


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