Does this fuse "0313.031HXP" have a resistor inside?

I am looking for this fuse and i have been told by a colleague that this fuse may be the one i’m looking for but before i order it please can you confirm there is a resistor inside this glass fuse.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key , the fuse 0313.031HPX does not have a built in resistor like the one you have pictured above , although it does have a DC cold resistance of 430 ohms which looks like is the same value of the resistor in the one pictured above. Data sheet link below for the 0313.031HPX

Thanks Craig

Hello @davidgollagly

We currently stock this product. Click here for F2525-ND (0313.031HXP). As Craig_2048 stated, this does have a cold resistance of 430 ohms which appears to match resistance in the photo.








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I stand corrected I had the warehouse tech look at the parts and they do have an internal resistor just like the one you have . The data sheet does not show that though .

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