Dog Wheelchair Project

Hello. I’m posting on behalf of Nick, who is asking for the forum’s design assistance with building a wheelchair for his dog. He’d like to create a chair that can support the weight of her rear end and let her feel weightless while still moving about freely, and is looking for product suggestions and design advice for accomplishing this. His pupper’s weight is roughly thirteen pounds total, and he’d like to do this with air shock-like products rather than electronic components if possible. Any advice offered, he’d accept with gratitude. Thank you all, and please have an excellent day.

at first, I was thinking of using RC suspension parts, I have an Xcarve, and 3d printer. so the fabrication isn’t the issue is knowing what kind of shock or damper to use, that would allow her to lift herself up and lower herself down with very little effort from her spine.

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There might be some good ideas in the photos and product manuals at
The description of the SitGo model seems like it might have some good ideas to try.

Sit! Go! Even in wheelchairs, our pals can now do both. Easily. It’s finally here! The SitGo, Best Friend Mobility’s revolutionary pet wheelchair that allows our best buds not only to get up and go but also to sit and relax even in their wheels!


I was thinking a 3D printed upside-down leaf spring attached to a 3d printed roller bearing cage to fit around the pet. The leaf can be printed stiff for full support or more flexible for weight assist when the pet stands but also flexible enough to flex flat when the pet lays. The roller bearing would allow for the pet to lay sideways to take a nap. The rollers in the bearing would be 3d printed as well so there is nothing that would have to be bought other than the pet harness. A very basic design, would require further throughput.


this is neat! She wouldn’t need to sleep or take a nap it in. Also the problem with extending below her waste is that when she does lay down her front pays swing forward.

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