I am an electronics student and I would like for a project to have access to the 3D model of the MOBILE ROBOT 4WD CHEROKEY (ROB0102) like the one present on your video presentation here :
DFRobot Cherokey 4WD Mobile Platform (
If you have the one from (ROB0117) I would like to have it too if possible.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Nathan_Boss,

We don’t have have those models. My only suggestion would be to inquire with directly. I rather doubt that it would be available from them either, but you never know.

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Thank you for your answer but then where does the 3D model of the video come from ?
The video was made by someone from or Digikey right ?

Valid point. I’ll see if anyone has more on this.


Hi @David_1528,

Do you have any news ?

I’d also try asking at the DFRobot support forum.

They may keep that data secret so that other companies can’t easily take their design and undercut their sales.

Sometimes support forum members will reverse engineer enough of a companies product to provide users with a 3D model suitable for integrating it into another project but not good enough to make your own from scratch.


Hello Nathan,

I wasn’t able to find the 3D model of the assembled unit. There are other documentations on our website of this product ROB0102 DFRobot | Maker/DIY, Educational | DigiKey and also on manufacturers website Cherokey: 4WD Mobile Robot for Arduino - DFRobot but no 3D model or cad step file it seems.

I’m not sure where David is trying to obtain that file from but I’ll contact our product management team and see if they can obtain a 3D file for you. I’ll post here if I get any feedback.



OK, I haven’t gotten direct feedback from the people who would likely know for certain, but it appears that this was created by a third party rather than by anyone at Digi-Key, and we would not have access to it (only the resultant video you reference). If I hear otherwise, I will post here.

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Hi Nathan,

I have received some feedback in regards to this:
Per DFrobot:
Sorry we donot have the 3D file for the ROB0102.
We only have the Assembly Guide on our official website: Cherokey: 4WD Mobile Robot for Arduino - DFRobot

Sorry but that is all they came back with.

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Here is the user manual of the [CHEROKEY 4WD MOBILE ROBOT CHEROKEY 4WD MOBILE ROBOT (3D CAD model))
DFRobot_Cherokey/ROB0102 Instruction Manual.pdf at master · Arduinolibrary/DFRobot_Cherokey · GitHub
Here are some drawings of the chassis. However, no measurements are given there. I do not think the CAD model is available. You can ask the grabcad community:

By the way, if you consider designing a mobile robot completely by yourself, you can take a look here: HUSSAR - mobile robot for SLAM algorithm (high performance) - Share Project - PCBWay

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Thank you for your information that you have shared.