Field Robot for Vineyards

Ok, I have been toying with the idea of a field robot for awhile. I have seen and played with the
“toy” robots. I want to build one that will start out with simple tasks; plow snow, mow grass and spray vines. I have come to Digi-key forum to seek help with the drive motors and controllers.

If I get a response to this post I can give some details of what I desire.
I can state the 4 motor drives need to be able to haul 250 lbs + batteries up and down a hilly terrain.

Thank you for your time.

I would have to look into a few more specifications, however I have a couple projects that have been done by our engineers that may give you a place to start some research.

The first was a mobile fish tank project and while this was not a large as you are talking they do have some good information on motor drives.

We also had one of our engineers who built a snow plow a few years back. The focus on this was DC/DC but also good information.

Beyond this I think we get in to a lot of variables depending on Tire size, Speed, Gearing, Voltage setup, etc… We can certainly look at parts if you have specs and might even have some comments on design if you have plans, however I have limited resources if you are looking for design support.

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