A Cup Holder for Crutches


There was a need in our department for a person with crutches to be able to fill up their own cup. So I came up with a simple design that will swing with the motion of the crutches to keep the cup from tipping over. We used both a wood infused filament and a glow in the dark filament to see how they print and look.

Modeling Software:

3D Printer:
LulzBot TAZ 6 (KT-PR0041NA)

Wood 0.112" PLA (WOOD30W1)
Glow in the Dark Green 0.112" PLA (PLA30GD1)

Associated Parts:
Screws (PMSSS 102 0100 PH)
Nuts (HNSS 102)

Onshape User File (Crutch Attachment Bracket), (Crutch Swing Arm), (Crutch Cup Holder)

Thingiverse Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3581497

STL Files: Attachment Part 1.stl (1.2 MB)Attachment Part 2.stl (771.6 KB)
Crutch Attachment Bracket - Part 3.stl (2.0 MB)
Crutch Swing Arm.stl (3.4 MB)Crutch Cup Holder.stl (2.2 MB)

Other Photos:

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