Dressing coaxial cables for Alligator Clips / Hooks


Here is a neat way to dress a coaxial cable back to an individual ground lead and center conductor lead. From there, you can terminate the ends with your choice of connectors such as alligator clips, grabber hooks, or your choice.

  1. Strip back the desired amount of the outer insulation to expose the braid. Here we did a few inches for the sample

  2. Push back on the braid so it slides back on the center insulation. Near the bottom area of the braid, with a small screwdriver or pick push the conductors away to make what appears to be a “small hole” in this area.

  3. At the point where you made this small hole, bend the coaxial cable in the shape of the letter “U”. With a small needle nose pliers, grasp the center conductor insulation and pull it thru the hole.

  4. Now your coax cable will look similar to the following:

  5. Slide a small piece of heat shrink tubing over the point where the braid and the center conductor separate. This will give the cable a bit of strain relief at that point.

Now your cable is dressed up and ready for you to terminate the wires. This will work out great if you are making some BNC to alligator clip test cables for general purpose use.


Instead of dealing with a troublesome braided conductor, cut the tinned braid 1/8" from where it exits the outer jacket and solder a jumper wire to it then shrink it down.