Finding a shielded cable

I am trying to find a particular type of shielded cable used in electrochemistry applications (Link: Reference 3000 Potentiostat Main Cell Cable Kit 1.5m (

Most of the shielded cabling I have seen is only shielded as a bundle or in pairs. I need three 20 ga conductors, each individually shielded (braided), and one grounding wire. Then, all four of these wires are braid shielded in a bundle. while we could order the part directly from Gamry, we need to make a custom set up so it would be particularly pricey.

Any help appreciated.


The referenced product doesn’t show much for detail, but it would appear to be an assembly made of standard coaxial cable material, heat shrink tube, expandable sleeving, etc.

A 20AWG central conductor puts a person in RG-58 territory in terms of coax, which has a ~5mm diameter and seems large based on the reference image. Something like an RG-174 seems more to scale. Expandable sleeving products are available here in a variety of sizes and materials, heat shrink tubing here (I’m partial to the Q5-4x stuff), and connectors in the D-sub family here. Note that products with captive contacts are called “assemblies” whilst others are available with “contacts” and “housings” separate. Free-hanging versions of either will likely also call for a backshell. The terminations there appear to be common banana plugs with alligator clip adapters.

The individual cables are separately described as “shielded” in your request which I take to mean electrical shielding (hence coax) yet the bundle is also described as “shielded” while the image referenced seems to show a non-conductive cable management material. Some confusion between conductive electrostatic shielding and a non-conductive cable management/protection concept may be occurring here. You may be able to better identify the cable material used from markings on the jacket.


Hi Rick,

First of all, thank you for the reply. I have attached a picture inside the D-sub connector so you can see what I am referring to with the double shielding. My guess is these are custom made by Gamry as there are no markings on any of the jacketing! I am ok doing all of the connections and such I just wanted to know if this was a type of overall wire assembly available. You are correct that I am referring to electrical shielding. In the attached picture you can see the exterior shielded material grounded to the D-Sub housing and also see the individual coax wires grounded to the D-sub pinout. The grounding wire is not electrically shielded (you can feel the absence of material in the banana plug side). If I can individually buy the coax wire, my next questions is if there is a braided electrically shielded jacket that I could buy and feed that over the individual wires.

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Also, you are right, the wires are the 26 ga with about 2.75 mm diameter with jacket.


I do not see anything that small. It appears the 6.35mm is the smallest on the list:

Protective Hoses, Solid Tubing, Sleeving | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to Rick’s comment above about the 20 vs 26 gauge coax cables. This would go around all three of those wires with an OD of 10.5mm. Seems like we might be able to make something work!

Looking for something like these? I don’t think these were designed with this type of application in mind, but it may still work. I assume you would need another layer of heat shrink outside of this again.