Eccosorb Part Numbers

The Eccosorb manufacturer part numbers are unfortunately randomly generated. There is no part number breakdown that can provide an understanding of what each part number means. This can be especially troubling when a series subdivides it’s products.

For example, the Eccosorb LS series. The datasheet for this series separates its products further into LS-14/16/24/30 ect. Comparing MPNs for this series will not tell you which LS-## division they fall into. However, we do list the LS-## divisions in either the “detailed descriptions” or “other names” fields for these products. This makes them searchable.

Pulling up options for the Eccosorb LS series will show all 50 options:
Searching LS-30 within those results will allow you to see the 4 options we have in our system, and select the best option for you based off dimensions and availability: