EDI Bridge Rectifier PL40 Cross Reference to Vishay

We currently do not carry EDI (electronics devices inc.) or their PL/PLS Bridge Rectifiers. Here is a cross-reference guide to Vishay General Semiconductor - Diodes Division DFM/DFS series of Bridge Rectifiers.

Manufacturer’s name EDI # VISHAY #
Packaging Case 4-DIP 4-SMD 4-DIP 4-SMD
Voltage 50V PL05 PL05S DF005M DF005S
100V PL10 PL10S DF01M DF01S
200V PL20 PL20S DF02M DF02S
400V PL40 PL40S DF04M DF04S
600V PL60 PL60S DF06M DF06S
800V PL80 PL80S DF08M DF08S
1000V PL10 PL10S DF10M DF10S
Datasheet Click Here Click Here


Please review the datasheets to ensure the alternative will work for your application.