Bridge Rectifier replacement

I have a blown bridge rectifier with the following markings that I need to replace but cannot identify; 7833, RS 262-084.

Thank you

Hello mfsb - welcome to the Forum. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to identify the markings on your bridge rectifier. We do have parts in a similar package that you can take a look at, but I have no way of determining what the specifications of your diode are. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful for you!

I did find the picture below on the internet. If you go off the 6A 800 we have some similar parts in different packages. If you need to keep the same package you could look at an option with a higher current rating.

The RS Electronics website gives Vishay GBPC608-E4/51 as an alternative. Hope this works for you!

262-084 Alternatives

We currently don’t have stock on GBPC608-E4/51. The options we have in stock at the moment would be rated higher for the Voltage and/or current. Hope this helps!