EL6101A1 SOP16 replacement/equivalent?

I’m hoping someone might have an idea for where I might locate a replacement/equivalent as my extended web searching is coming up with no answers.

I’ve included two pictures for reference. One is of mine where the chip’s labeling I have on my board is 99% unreadable - can just make out the initial ‘EL’. The second from a picture on the web from a matching board I found reference to in CZ from a Philco PHSM 9000. Ny appearances it’s the very same control board. This picture’s chip label is readable as EL6101A1.

This chip is used in a motor control circuit in a ~recent Faberware stand mixer and I’ve been unable to find a source , equivalent part or even detailed description of what it is. I’ve only found some references to generic component warehouses and web pages that no longer exist.

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Hello jrt and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately my search on this part only showed after-market resale and no proper specification for me to mount a cross against.

I have been searching for some sort of information on this part as well. I do have to agree with Michael. I am unable to find any suitable information to use as a cross reference document. I do apologize.

This 2015 forum post gives a hint (also related to a problem stand mixer). Unfortunately its answer is now a missing URL.


I investigated the link you provided. I am sorry but I still did not find any suitable documentation there. We have already exhausted our resources and were not able to find any but if you do, we would be happy to attempt to find a cross.

Thanks for looking Aaron and Michael.
My note was posting what I’d found for posterity should anyone run into the same issue - perhaps they’ll stumble upon this thread.
After translating the thread , it was so unlucky to find the link to the solution gone/no longer existing.

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