Electrical Interrupt system


I am wondering where I can find and purchase a prebuilt electrical interrupt system. It should have an AC input and output. An example of what I am looking for is attached and labelled “prober control module pcm”.

Hello andytran4 and welcome to the techfourm, I do not know what it is I am looking at here. Can you provide more information?

Emergency off type controls are usually wired up from individual components (the Banner ES-FA-6G is one such component example). You could build one yourself, or contract a machine builder.

If you want a generic “off-the-shelf” solution, power distribution products may be the closest thing.
This product:
combined with one or more of their basic PDUs might fill your needs

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Mat below provided an answer while I was away. Thank you anyways!

This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much!