Need help to identify

Looking to identify a replacement for this chip. I’m a maintenance technician who’s good with electrical circuits but am just starting to dabble in PCB’s.

This is for a car radio. It went out after one of my power wires short circuited and the radio went with it. At this time i can only assume this is why the fuse blows instantly. Looks cracked to me.

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Hi @Suburbanite,

Indeed the component looks damaged.
The first thing to try is to remove the component from the board and test whether the fuse still blows.
A possible replacement might be

Cheers, heke

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Hello @Suburbanite,

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Heke might have a good suggestion. I tried to validate the substitution by finding specs to your original part, but I could not find them. Do you have any electrical information about your damaged chip?

It is difficult to get a marking reading on the picture, so please provide that as well as voltage, current, and dimensions. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find a good replacement.

Thank you!