Identification Help

Please help with Identification. from what i see its R * * ON BP B0*


Thank you for contacting DigiKey , sorry I am not finding anything with those part markings.

Thanks Craig

Possibly Ruilon and the datasheet I found listed BP as a marking for SMBJ16CA

Unfortunately, I can’t verify the full markings on your part to be 100% and we don’t sell Ruilon but if you agree with my assessment we would have a similar SMBJ16CA from Littelfuse.


@Robert_Fay Hi Robert thank you for your help. I was able to take it over to my friends shop and get a better pic using his scope. It is a Ruilon BP BOU … Please let me know if you have something with the same specs. Also I should have mentioned this was from the touch screen of my wife’s exercise bike Proform.

The suggested replacement Robert linked above is about as good as can be offered. Assuming the part ID is correct (it likely is, though no guarantees can be given) the device is an industry-standard/generic protection diode, with one supplier’s product being pretty much the same as the next.

That said, burnt protective components signal a high likelihood of additional, less-obvious damage elsewhere. Given the board markings, I’d guess a power supply failed to a high-output condition, or an incorrect adapter was used.