Identify Surface Mount Component


Have been searching for a few days without luck, friend suggested I post here.

Any ideas what the component is or who manufactures it?

Thanks in advance!!


Hello bigdaddyswedish,
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The B with that shape would be from Bourns.
I didn’t find any information on that top marking, and I can not guess what kind of part it is, just from the top. From what little I can see of the side, it may be an inductor or choke. Would need more pictures to help identify it.

Best guess is an inductor or transformer. Can you take another picture zoomed out a bit so we can see the parts around it? Also, a shot with more of a side view might help. Some dimensions might also help.

Thank you David_1768 and David_1528,

Here is a picture with more of the board shown.

I think I found it!!


Thank You!!!


I think you are very close, but the CMF-SDP50A-2, would have the marking beginning with 50PA, according to the datasheet. I believe the correct part would be CMF-SDP50-2, but we are currently out of stock. That marking will start with 50P, and the 2 is the year code (2002, 2012, 2022), and the F is the Bi-Weekly code (11-12th week)

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