Can someone identify this part

Trying to find out if we can buy more of these.

Looking at the CXA part marking from Littelfuse it comes back to TPSMB48CA-VR. Here is the datasheet. You can order but currently we don’t have stock and it looks like a 3k MOQ.

The closest option looking at the parametrics on our site that we have in stock looks like SZ1SMB48CAT3G. Here is a link to the datasheet if you want to compare.

Looks like that may do the trick, thank you!

Before you order that, can you measure the dimensions of your part? Those part numbers above are for bi-directional parts, but your part has a line on one side, indicating a uni-directional part. It might be a different part, based on that.

It wasn’t expensive, we only needed a handful. We can try it on one of our dead boards to see if it resolves our issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

For instance, the TPSMA6L48A has similar marking.


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