Part identification

I’m trying to identify this component, it is about 3/8" long.

Hello @gwhitelampson,

Are there any marking that are not visible in the picture? The ON in the circle makes me think it is an ON-Semi part, and the CA would be consistent with the Bidirectional code for their TVS-Diodes however they would normally have a marking of SA14CA or SA150CA to indicate voltage. the other issue is according to the DataSheet the Uni-directional TVS has 1 polarity band and the Bi-Directional has none. I will share this picture with my co-workers and let you know if I get any more information.

just the 0136, both ends of the 2 components are soldered together.

Best Guess I am finding is 1.5KE160CACT-ND which would be a similar Bi-Directional TVS rated at 136V and the DO201 package seems to meet measurements shown.
Not able to verify 100% though as nothing is showing the 2 polarity bands as yours is showing.

Ok, thanks for the help.