Electrolytic Caps Alternative

I want to recap the electrolytic caps on a 1983 Pioneer Amplifier.
Which Audio grade caps can I use instead of electrolytic caps, maybe ceramic?

Hi @Wiid23994, welcome to the forum.

Oh this is a fun topic, and almost a religion in some Audio Forum/Channels and sometimes an endless debate.

Personally, I wouldn’t switch to ceramic, as the original caps on the Amplifier are through hole.

However for an almost 40 year old Amplifier, physically just replacing all the old capacitor’s (some may have dried out) with any new Audio Grade Capacitor would help prolong the life of the Amplifer.

As far as sound quality, I don’t have the hear’s for that. :wink:


Thank you for the feedback Robert. So what would you suggest. Stay with Electrolytic or go for something else. And what type?

Hi @Wiid23994, personally, I’d stick with Audio rated Electrolytic capacitors:

Here’s a filter list of our options in-stock today:



The “Audio” designation in terms of electrolytic caps is largely a marketing term, used to indicate a prettier label and a higher price.

Capacitor technology has improved more than a bit over the last 37 years. I’d suggest finding similarly-rated devices that fit, and not worrying too much about whether they have the word “audio” attached. Good designs don’t generally use electrolytics in the direct signal path anyhow…

That was my first thought too, then I took a look at the differences in price and spec for some Nichicon parts. Turned out the audio application parts are only a little, for some values only 1 cent, more in price than the general purpose parts and they have some potential useful improvement in specs.

So I’d go for the audio application specific versions in a repair situation, either for myself or for another person. BTW Nichicon is still my favorite brand of electrolytic, been specifying and using them since the 1980’s with great results.